Supersonic Favor Kit

Price $15.00

All The Running You Can Do Just To Keep In The Same Place.

Item details

Designed by stylist, Randi Brookman Harris.
Each kit comes with everything for 1 favor bag.
Purchase 1 Supersonic Favor Kit per child.
Colors of items can sometimes vary.

  • 1 Vellum Frosted Party Favor Bag
  • 1 Gold Smiley Face Sticker to seal Favor Bag
  • 2 Pink Moustaches
  • 1 Clown Nose
  • 2 Neon Balloons
  • 1 Candy Necklace
  • 1 Mini Painting set
  • 3 Buttons, Smiley, Rainbow, and Pizza
  • 1 Chocolate Bandaid
  • 1 Neon Ball and Jack set


All the running you can do